The New Living Translation
The NLT on YouVersion

The NLT made its debut on YouVersion yesterday. YouVersion self-describes as “A revolutionary online Bible that enables community and collaboration like never before.”

Sam Duregger announced the update on the YouVersion blog yesterday and it has been fun to watch the response in the form of dozens of enthusiastic tweets from YouVersion users.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out YouVersion yet, I recommend it. It’s the best instance so far (in my opinion) of the Bible on the social web and it also offers tools for personal notetaking and organizing if that’s what you prefer.

YouVersion has tons of functionality, and some of the most notable are its mobile applications, including iPhone and Blackberry apps. Keith Williams tells me from a conversation with Bobby Gruenewald that there are over half a million users of the iPhone app who have spent an average of almost five hours each reading the Bible on it.

Thanks to the YouVersion team for the work on getting the NLT onto YouVersion. It’s great to see talented people using their skills in service of the Church.

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