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Proverbs 31 Women read the Chronological Bible

Last month, Wendy Pope of Proverbs 31 Ministries shared her story of accomplishing her goal of reading through the Bible with the One Year Chronological Bible in the NLT. Wendy says: “The Bible my husband gave me was unlike any Bible I had ever seen. It was a Chronological Bible written in the New Living Translation. The format fascinated me. The Bible was written in the order in which things happened and in an easy to understand translation with daily readings that were not overwhelming. The goal was beginning to look more attainable than ever. I could not wait for the New Year to start so I could begin the challenge set before me.”

She challenged her readers: “Will you take the challenge to know the Savior’s story like never before and join in me reading through God’s Word in 2009?” She says that she prayed that 20 people would accept her challenge. On Monday, she reported that they have sold over 1000 NLT One Year Chronological Bibles. “Watch out world, change is coming,” says Wendy.

Here’s a photo of the Proverbs 31 staff praying over the first few hundred Bibles: Wendy has posted on her blog more great photos of receiving and praying over the Bibles they received.

If you’re planning to read through the Bible in 2009 and don’t have a reading partner or group to do it with, consider reading with the P31 ministry–having support is so important during a process like this. Wendy is going to start a column or forum on her blog for participants to “read the Word together; posting our thoughts, fears, frustrations, excitement, fresh insights, basically holding each other up during the adventure.”

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