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Give the Word Ministry Partners: Oasis International

Oasis International is one of the three ministries that is involved with our Give the Word contest and giveaway through the NLT Facebook page.

What does Oasis International do? In a nutshell, they get Bibles and good Christian literature into the hands of people in Africa who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them. If you live in the Western world, it might seem strange that there is a need for such a ministry. After all, books are quite easy to come by: just go to the library, or a bookstore, or your favorite online store, and you can have a book on just about anything within 24 hours. But that just isn’t the way it works throughout much of Africa. There are few bookstores, even fewer Christian bookstores, and in most of them the prices are so prohibitive that nothing is affordable (could you buy a $30 Bible if you were making $25/week?). Oasis is working to change that.

Their current goal to distribute 1 million Bibles and 750,000 books per year on a sustainable basis in English-speaking Africa is a pretty lofty one, with a lot of complex issues to overcome. Printing, shipping, warehousing, distributing, and selling books is not a simple matter–but Oasis has experience and a (detailed) plan that can make this goal a reality.

Oasis is doing important work for the growing church in Africa. You can get involved in their ministry through prayer or by supporting them financially. At least, you could go and vote for Oasis in the Give the Word contest and giveaway.

Stay in touch with Oasis by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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