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NLTinterlinear: Into the Open

This week Keith and I are at the ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) annual meeting. While here, we’ll be enjoying the buzz around Bible translations, listening to a few papers, talking about the NLT Study Bible and other NLT products, and showing off our latest digital Bible tools, including and

About a year ago, we launched as the best place to study the Greek text of the New Testament alongside a contemporary English translation. For the past year, we have kept it behind a login wall — the login has been free, but necessary to access the text. We did that with the idea that those early users of the site should be able to contact us easily, and we wanted to be able to email them with questions if we saw an error in the application while they were working with it.

Today we are still officially in “Beta,” but we’ve removed the login wall. Now you don’t have to sign up or login in order to use the NLT interlinear.

Why still beta? Well, the big reason is that the Hebrew-NLT matchup is not yet available, and we anticipate making some changes and improvements to the interface in the process of bringing that data in when it is available.

Nevertheless, we’ve made some other improvements to the site. The most important of these is that URLs are now clean and shareable — you can now share any page on the site, and the URL is sensible. Along with that, we’ve included Facebook “Share” and Twitter “Tweet” buttons on every page. So now you can easily share a page of the site on one of those services, and the URL will make sense and not be unduly long.

Please give the NLT interlinear a whirl and let us know how we can improve it!

2 Responses to “NLTinterlinear: Into the Open”
Ethiopianchurch blog
4th January, 2011 at 9:33 am

Here is an interesting interview with a bible translator.

29th August, 2011 at 3:48 pm

I like the search feature of the NLT text online site. However when the results go to more than one page, I cannot get past the first page. If I hit the “2” or the “>” it just abandons the search results and goes back to the home page. So I only see the first 100 hits and then can’t see the rest. Any suggestions?


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