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NLT Study Bible Seminar + Giveaway!

We’ve started the countdown: all of the hardcover NLT Study Bibles are arriving soon and will start shipping out of our warehouse. Most bookstores will have Some bookstores will start having the NLTSB in stock by one month from today: August 28!

We’re holding a couple of online events to celebrate:
1: Live NLT Study Bible online seminars. NLT SB General Editor Sean Harrison will be offering an online seminar to explain the features of the NLTSB and to demonstrate the usage of the NLTSB to study Genesis. Details: seminars will be less than an hour long each, on August 7 at 11AM CST and August 28 at 7pm CST. Click here to register.

2: 31-day NLT Study Bible giveaway. During his seminars, Sean will be answering questions about the NLT Study Bible. So we want to know what questions you have about the NLT Study Bible. Post your question in the comments of this post, and each day, I will randomly choose a winner of a hardcover NLT Study Bible from among the people who posted new questions that day. Update: The contest is over. Please feel free to continue asking questions and we’ll try to answer them, but we won’t be choosing any more winners. I will post a list of many of your questions and the answers to those questions once we can work our way through them.

Rules: You can’t win if you don’t ask a question about the NLT Study Bible. Don’t put your mailing address in your comment–if you win, someone will email you to ask you for your mailing address. We’ll send out all 31 of the Bibles the first week of September. You can only win once—but feel free to ask questions for as many days as you want until you win. Starting today.

Update: Winners:
July 28 – Dan Masshardt
July 29 – Greg Terry
July 30 – drmellow
July 31 – Juan Martinez
August 1 – Dave
August 2 – Jimbo S.
August 3 – CD-Host
August 4 – Steven R. Robertson
Due to our power outages at Tyndale and our servers being down, there were no comments on August 5 or 6, so I randomly chose the winners for those days from among all of the comments so far.
August 5 – Scripture Zealot
August 6 – jbwiebe
August 7 – Seraph
August 8 – Rich Shields
August 9 – Elvin
August 10 – h bar
August 11 – Alicia
August 12 – Ron
August 13 – blackreformingkid
August 14 – eloratan
August 15 – Juan Z
August 16 – OngSh
August 17 – Cal Sun
August 18 – Justin
August 19 – Brent
August 20 – Curt
August 21 –
August 22 – newbby1
August 23 – Danny
August 24 – BJ
August 25 – Richard
August 26 – Carl
August 27 – S. Stewart
August 28 – David

One Response to “NLT Study Bible Seminar + Giveaway!”
8th February, 2014 at 6:10 am

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