The New Living Translation
NLT Study Bible Giveaway & Seminar

The seven winners for last week of the hardcover NLT Study Bibles are : Dan Masshardt, Greg, drmellow, Juan Martinez, Dave, Jimbo S. and CD-Host. All were randomly chosen (by the random number generator on my nerdy graphing calculator). Only six and seven people (respectively) entered for the last two days, so chances of winning these days are pretty high! To enter, just ask a question about the NLT Study Bible in the comments of last week’s post.

We want these questions because Sean Harrison (General Editor of the NLTSB) will be answering questions live in two online seminars this month. If you’re still deciding whether or not to buy an NLTSB, want a tutorial on how to use your NLTSB, or are just interested in learning more insider information about it, sign up for either of the free webinars, taking place on August 7 at 11AM CST and August 28 at 7pm CST.

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