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It’s been just over a week since the NLT Blog launched, and already we’re enjoying the discussion and interaction that makes blogging what it is. Here’s a sampling of how our week went (if I missed something, let me know):

After a brief post in which Laura introduced the blog (and another in which I introduced myself), things started off with a bang when I responded to Tim Challies’ post from that morning, Every Word of God. Pretty quickly, several bloggers took note and linked to the post and the new blog, including the first two blogs I ever read (Better Bibles and the Internet Monk). It was fun to engage with so many folks about Bible translation and the NLT. I also wrote about my NLT Odyssey and encouraged you to write about your own Bible translation journey.

Mark Taylor has also chimed in with a great post on one translation decision in Matthew 17:24-27. I am certainly looking forward to seeing more from him, as his insider vantage point on the history of the NLT and specific translation decisions make for a very unique perspective.

Kevin and Laura will also have plenty of interesting things to say in the future. One of the greatest features of this blog is the multiple perspectives that we bring, as I think will become apparent over time. Keep an eye out for another new contributor or two in the coming weeks as well.

Also, check out the NLT Study Bible site and Sean Harrison’s blog. Sean is the general editor for the NLT Study Bible, and he’s been showing off some of the great features of this forthcoming Bible for a few weeks now. One post I’ll highlight is where he gives a glimpse of the original language word study chain system, an interesting and unique feature of the NLT Study Bible.

Thanks to all of you who are reading and commenting on this blog for helping us get off to a good start. We welcome your feedback on anything: posts you’d like to see, questions you’d like answered, etc. We really want this blog to become an integral part of the online community that is interested in the Bible as we offer “issues, perspectives, and news related to the New Living Translation and Bible publishing.”

Update: Minutes after I finished this roundup, Laura piped in with some Bible news from an industry convention.

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