The New Living Translation
NLT Cornerstone Commentary freebie from Logos and the Study Bible is here (at least mine is):

Wanted to give you a quick head’s up about a promotion that Logos Bible Software is doing. For a limited time they are giving away a free Cornerstone Commentary – no strings! They will be publishing the entire series eventually (it’s not complete yet, these things take time. You try getting a bunch of scholars to get their work turned in at the same time – it’s not like we can give them an assignment for their term papers. Well, maybe it is and this is completely breaking down but be that as it may – it takes time).

Logos will be bundling the commentaries together into a couple of groups. Currently they are in pre-pub for a set of 9.

Also, don’t miss their new blog here. Also, don’t forget that they are producing a version of the NLT Study Bible that you can order here or find at your local Christian bookstore.

By the way, I finally have the deluxe editions of the SB on my desk and I gotta say they look great. Now I have to figure out which one I want. I am dying to talk about it more, but I will leave that to Sean and his Seminar on the Study Bible TONIGHT. I have seen him explain it and work through a couple of passages on several occasions now and he will not disappoint. I can’t not say anything though. I am not a study Bible guy usually. Give me a text Bible, a good Concordance, like say this one, a couple of commentaries for the book or books I am reading (how do you do Mr. subliminal in a blog? – cough*Cornerstone*cough – his keyboard muttered in a different font) and maybe a backgrounds book. That being said, I want this Bible. I probably won’t carry it to church because 1) it’s big, no two ways about it, and 2) it would be too distracting during the sermon and while I am pretty good friends with the pastor of my church I don’t think he would be too appreciative. I can be pretty discrete though . . .

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