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Welcome to the NLT Blog. This blog exists for discussion of issues, perspectives, and news related to the NLT, Bible publishing, Bible reading, and Bible translation.

Our blog team is comprised of Bible lovers who have a special familiarity with the NLT from different perspectives: scholarly, marketing, executive, editorial, pastoral, product development, etc. Some of us are employed by Tyndale and some are not. In this format, we hope to be able to give you diverse, timely, and interesting looks at the NLT and Bible publishing.

Our goal is to make the NLT more open and accessible and to improve our communication with you. Please join us in the process by asking questions and telling us what you think. All comments which conform to our comment guidelines are welcome.

Update: Read introductions from NLT bloggers Keith Williams, Laura Bartlett, Kevin O’Brien, and Mark Taylor.

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