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Do you have a small group or Bible study that is looking for a book to study next? I have a set of Bible study books to give away to one group. Your group would be the only group in the world doing this particular Bible study.

I’m offering five advance copies of James from the upcoming NLT Study Series. The series, edited by Sean Harrison, is based on the NLT Study Bible, with each study covering a book of the Bible in 13 weeks. Dr.s Norman R. Ericson and Douglas J. Moo wrote this volume.

Email me if you and your small group would like to use this for your group Bible study. All I’ll ask is that after you’ve completed the study, you and your group give me your thoughts/feedback as a guest post for this blog.

Sean explains it best, so here’s an excerpt from his forward to explain the vision for the series:

The purpose of the NLT Study Series is to call individuals and groups into serious conversation with God and engagement with his word.

We have designed these studies to provide you and your group with a complete, new Bible study experience. Our aim has been to help you engage seriously with the Bible’s content, interacting with it in a meaningful and deeply personal way, not just regurgitating rote answers to fill-in-the-blank questions or producing purely subjective opinions. We also hope to encourage true community study, with the honest sharing of different perspectives and experiences. Most of all, we want to help foster your direct communication with God, encouraging you to tell God what is on your mind and heart. We want to help you understand what God is teaching you and apply it to the realities of personal and community life.

To this end, each study in the NLT Study Series includes twelve weeks of individual and group studies focusing on understanding the meaning of the text of Scripture, reflecting on it personally and with others, and responding actively to what God is saying to you through it.

More details are forthcoming, closer to the release date of the series.

Update: I couldn’t choose just one. I’ll be sending a set of studies to all four people who were willing to commit themselves and their groups to this. Namely, Messrs. Daryl Fong, Jonathan Master, Joshua Thomas, Juan Martinez and Rafal Rusilowicz. I look forward to reading and posting their reviews here. The offer is now closed, so you’ll if you aren’t one of those five, you’ll have to wait until the series releases this fall to buy a copy.

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