The New Living Translation
NLT #1 on July CBA Bestseller List

In the recently-released CBA (Christian Bookseller Association) chart of best-selling Bible translations in July, the NLT topped the chart as the Bible translation with the most units sold in the month! This is the first time, to our knowledge, that the NLT has been #1 on this list. (The NLT was #2 on this list in June.)

This is pretty exciting news for us, though we do keep it in perspective, knowing that these numbers fluctuate fairly often. Part of the reason for the jump is due to the sales of one of our new Bibles–Operation Worship (NLT), which released this summer.

Several bloggers have commented on the momentum and growing usage of the NLT:

Bryon was the first (that I’m aware of) to link to this list.

Rick Mansfield, in a post last month called “The Rise of the New Living Translation” observes that “signs are starting to point to the New Living Translation as a major contender for the spot of top English translation that the NIV has held onto for the last two decades.” He quotes Wayne Leman, who said “A major translation comes along every few generations and it can become a default translation. The KJV was one of these. The RSV was one, at least for NCC churches. The NIV was one. Now, [in my opinion], the NLT is one.”

Brad says “It seems that the Study Bible and the NLT in particular is becoming the translation of choice for a lot of people.”

ElShaddai Edwards observes in his post “Changes in the Bookstore” that the NLT is increasing in placement and location in his local Christian bookstore: “Surprise, surprise, the second largest layout was for the NLT, with 3 display units. They’d moved the NLT from the back wall (where the NIV is now) to the left side wall (high visibility too)” He comments “I can’t deny that I’m pleased to see the NLT get so much exposure. I’m become convinced that functional translations are as every bit authoritative a Bible as formal translations or even the original Greek/Hebrew texts. ” A couple of commenters confirm that they’ve observed this trend in their local bookstores as well.

TC Robinson writes a post called “The Second Coming of the NLT has taken the Bible World by Storm!”

David Ker posts on buzz about the NLT in the blogosphere and CD-Host comments that “Virtually ever blogger I read has upgraded their evaluation of the NLT and/or NTLSB in the last quarter.” In another post, David talks about the number of bloggers promoting the NLT. Rick Mansfield comments on that post that ” the NLT is definitely gaining momentum and readers “

In a very well-commented post, iMonk says: “And then we have the issue of who translated the New Living Translation. Careful there young, restless and reformed. Some of your favorites have been doing some dynamic equivalence translation behind your back.” (iMonk isn’t saying anything about the momentum of the NLT, he’s just saying.)

Other Buzz:

The July 2008 edition of the Christian Reformed Church reported that the 2008 synod declared that the NLT is one of the translations that may be used in that denomination’s worship services.

Harold Smith, editor-in-chief and CEO of Christianity Today, International, in an announcement last month that the New Living Translation will be the default translation on CTI’s websites, says “I’m especially thrilled that we can, together, provide broader distribution and more creative access to a quality translation that will bring God’s living Word to bear on more and more people.”

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