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New Twitter Feeds

We’ve launched two new twitter feeds: NLTStudyBible and LifeAppNotes. But these are no normal twitter feeds. To see how they work, try this: open these three links in separate tabs: NLTverse; NLTStudyBible; LifeAppNotes.

You’ll see that the content of the new feeds are commentaries on the NLT verse of the day–from the NLT Study Bible and the Life Application Study Bible.

To use them, subscribe to NLTverse and one or both of the other feeds. The NLTStudyBible feed will give you Biblical studies-based commentary. The LifeAppNotes feed will give you life application-based commentary. They’ll all post at the same time everyday, so they’ll show up together in your twitter stream.

Also: if you tried to visit NLTBlog yesterday and were not able to, it was due to a temporary power outage here. Our electricity–including for our servers, lights and air conditioner wasn’t working. Fortunately, the power is back today, so the servers are back online, the lights are on and I am so glad for the air conditioning and refreshing Iced Tea that Adagio teas sent me. (the last one doesn’t have anything to do with the power outage, it’s just that the lack of air conditioning yesterday made me appreciate it all the more today)

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