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LifeApp FAQ

Q: I bought the LASB App from the InApp store, but the download never appeared.
A: An error can happen during download. Our advice is that you be connected through a stable Wi-Fi connection when downloading.
– If the “Download” button is visible in the InApp store on the product page, it means that the purchase transaction was completed. You can then just tap the download button and the download will begin immediately.
– If the “Buy” button is visible on the product page, then you can tap “Buy” again. If Apple already charged you for the product (you received an invoice from Apple), then you will not be charged a second time, and you will be able to download the product.

Q: I have forgotten my Tyndale App Account password.
A: Please contact the support team through They can reset your password and advise you how to change it.

Q: My InApp purchases disappeared after reinstalling my iPad/iPhone.
A: Your purchases are backed up by iTunes or iCloud. You can always re-download the products through the InApp store. If the “Buy” button appears on the product page but you already purchased the product, you can click it again, and Apple will not re-charge you for the same product.

Q: The application crashes when launched.
A: Sometimes there is a settings conflict that we have not foreseen in our testing. We hope to resolve the issue you are having in an update to the app. In the meantime, open the “Settings” app, find the “Study Bible”[will this be the name of the app instead?] settings, and select “Reset settings on next launch.” The app settings will be reset next time you open the app. Your personal journal items are safe and will not be deleted.

Q: Can I use a Bible translation purchased in Pomegrante, OliveTree or other software in the LASB app?
A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to migrate purchases from other software systems. Tyndale will launch additional Bible applications, and some purchases might be sharable within the Tyndale product range.

Q: I miss this feature.
A: We are always open to user input. Please forward any suggestions to the development team at