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J.I Packer on the One Year Bible

J.I. Packer recently commented on the One Year Bible in an excellent article called “A Balanced Bible Study Diet” in from our friends at Logos in Bible Study Magazine (Nov/Dec 2009 issue). Here’s an excerpt from the article:

As an advocate of Bible study for over sixty years, Packer tells Bible Study Magazine he has long believed Christians should read the entire Bible thoroughly at least once every year. To help facilitate Bible study, he recommends tools such as The One Year Bible, where passages from the New and Old Testaments, Psalms and Proverbs are part of a 15-minute daily reading. “I find that variety, along with the cross references they suggest, keeps my heart fresh and alert in Bible study. I suppose you can compare it to a balanced diet.”

I love the “balanced diet” image for the One Year Bible–seems just right.

If you want to read the rest of the article, you should be able to find this issue in many Christian bookstores or check here to see if it becomes available as a back issue.

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