The New Living Translation

Hi, I’m Laura Bartlett. I’m the marketing manager for Bibles and Bible reference at Tyndale.

For some people, hearing the words “Bible” and “marketing” in the same sentence can be disconcerting. In the words of my fellow blogger Keith Williams, there can be a tension between consumerism and Holy Writ. And when marketing is creating a new “need” rather than communicating the solution to a real, existing need, consumerism and marketing cross paths.

But in all of us there is a real, inherent need for the Bible and a correct, internalized understanding of it. The vision that our founder, Dr. Ken Taylor, passed on to us was a desire that everyone would have a Bible that they could read and understand. Some people can find that understanding best in translations from other publishers, and we are very happy for them to do so. But we believe that the NLT is for many people and many purposes the translation that can give the best understanding of the Bible.

So my job is simply to get the word out about the NLT and how the translation and the features in some of the annotated editions can offer a deeper understanding of God’s Word when read with care and attention to the Spirit.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a great group of people at Tyndale for the last five years. I get to work on blogs, hire writers for the NLT website, represent Tyndale at conferences, and create strategy and implementation of the marketing for a lot of our Bibles.

When I’m not at Tyndale, I love spending time with my husband, Joel, and studying theology. I’m about half-way through the Historical and Systematic Theology M.A. in the Wheaton College Grad School. If I have some time after that, you’d probably find me hiking or gardening.

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