The New Living Translation
How to Study the Bible: Tips, Tools, and Strategies for Understanding God’s Word

One of the things that we would love to do with the NLT Blog is offer Bible readers the tools they need to understand the Bible as clearly and accurately as possible. The NLT is a great translation for studying God’s Word, and we have published quite a few tools that can help you study it more closely.

This is a huge topic, and many books have been written to accomplish that same purpose, so obviously no single blog post is going to do the trick. With that in mind, we’ve created this post to serve as an index to all the posts on the NLT Blog that cover Bible study methods, tools, and strategies. Eventually, this page will have links to blog posts that cover the tools that are especially designed for studying the Bible with the NLT, as well as other general methods for studying the Bible, such as word study and Bible annotation.

This is an index that will grow over time. Bookmark this page, and check back every week or month to see what has been added to help you on your journey to understand God’s Word and live it out in your life.

[Note: There will be several new posts added in the next few weeks, so don’t let the small number of links fool you. This page is going to have a lot more information soon. -KW]

Bible Study Tips:

Bible Study Tools:

Bible Study Methods:
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