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Grappling with the NLT

Gary Zimmerli has been grappling with the NLT for a little while now, often commenting about his journey on his blog, Sundry Times.

Today, he posted his second update this week, entitled Changing my mind on the NLT. Here is a higlight:

The NLT is so clear and easy-to-read, yet it is also quite accurate. It’s not without its imperfections, but that’s the nature of Bible translation. I am finding more and more lately that when I read a passage in a different translation, I find myself wondering how the NLT puts it, and I go and get my NLT and check it out. I’m almost embarrassed to say how often I am pleased with the NLT’s rendering. It’s getting so the NLT is the first Bible I pick up.

The NLT isn’t a perfect Bible; nothing is! But if you want to gain a much greater understanding of what the Bible says, you can’t get a clearer translation than the NLT.

The whole post is worth reading, along with his post from yesterday and the comments.

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