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Flirting with NLT

We’ve been enjoying the latest NLT poem (“Flirting with NLT“), written by the eloquent Kathy Mansfield. And while you’re at her blog, check out her “Ode to the NLT”, too.

If it weren’t for a few others, such as, say, the psalmists, I’d say that Kathy would be well on her way to becoming official poet of the NLT. Maybe the official poet about the NLT.

Update: Also see an exposition of Kathy’s poem by Wayne Leman and a response to Wayne’s exposition at Schleitheim. (HT: Rick Mansfield)

One Response to “Flirting with NLT”
6th September, 2009 at 5:46 pm

I am getting into the NLT as well, but hate that there is no wide margin format. If there were sucha thing, high end would be best, I would stop flirting and marry the thing already!!!

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