The New Living Translation
I just found a new visual search tool, eyePlorer. Running a search on “New Living Translation,” it seems to do a pretty good job of arranging topics related to the NLT by category (though less of a good job arranging by importance). It indicates that the most important and common topics (indicated by size) for the NLT are The Living Bible, Bible Translations, and Modern English–a pretty good start.
For now, it’s just based on Wikipedia (fortunately, the engine seems to be more powerful/complex than only arranging the words and phrases from the Wikipedia NLT page) and I’m hoping that they’ll follow through on their intent to include more sites in the future.
This seems like a great way to start a research project by quickly visualizing the topics you might need to address. A quick search on Pseudo-Dionysius and Esther (some recent research interests of mine) indicated some areas of inquiry that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

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