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Choosing a Bible Translation @ CBE

If you live in the Dallas area, have you considered attending the Christian Book Expo? It’s a new event this month that offers author signings, seminars, and an exhibit hall with 60 exhibitors –mostly publishers.

Tyndale will be there with several authors and will also be offering a seminar by Mark Taylor, Sean Harrison, and Mark Strauss on the topic of choosing a Bible translation (the seminar is also sponsored in part by Zondervan). Topics include how Bible translations relate to each other, what makes a translation “good,” some of the factors to consider in choosing a Bible translation, and a Q & A time.

CBE costs $29 to attend for a day, but if you attend this seminar you’ll receive a software package (worth $50) with the Wordsearch software including the NLT Study Bible, a couple of Cornerstone commentaries, and the Tyndale Concise Commentary. Attendees will also receive How to Choose a Translation for All Its Worth.

CBE is March 19-22 in the Dallas Convention Center. The session with Mark Taylor, Sean Harrison, and Mark Strauss is called “So Many Bible Translations….How Do I Choose One” is in room C140 on March 21 from 2:30-3:30pm.

Update: Now that that the convention is over, Sean Harrison has posted their notes for the session on the NLT Study Bible blog for those who weren’t able to attend.
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21st October, 2009 at 12:29 pm

Ginersfit…just a little tip. Try colored pencils for highlighters. They wont leak through the pages and you can have a variety of colors! I use the crayola ones you can get at Walmart (or anywhere for that matter lol). I also use the twist ones, so I dont have to sharpen. And you can twist them so that the points are in the base so you can travel without them coloring on anything or breaking the tips! I Hope that helps ya out!

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