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Celebrating a Milestone, Continuing a legacy.

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The Bible team is celebrating here at Tyndale! This week we received the news that our Illustrated Study Bible won the ECPA Bible of the year award. There were some really great Bibles nominated, so it was really encouraging to hear that the ISB (as it’s known around Tyndale) won.

I got a chance to be involved with the Illustrated Study Bible almost from the start, so I got a chance to interact with almost all of the people who were involved in its development, manufacture, marketing, and release. There are a lot of people who you will never see, whose names you will never know, yet all were a part of getting this amazing project accomplished.ChrisBkAward®

Tyndale has always been about making the Bible accessible to everyone, no matter who you are, where you’re from, whether you are new to the Bible or have been reading it for fifty years, we want to create Bibles that help you connect with God. The Illustrated Study Bible is the continuation of a legacy. Beyond that of our founder Ken Taylor who created the Living Bible and the scholars who created the NLT and the notes and features in the Illustrated study Bible. Irish monks were illuminating manuscripts well over 1200 years ago, Bibles from the 1800s often included amazing woodcuts and dictionaries and color maps. There are lots of reasons why, but at least one was to make the Bible known and understood by the people in those times and places. Visuals help us to “see” what God is saying to us.

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Research tells us that over 50% of the brain is involved in visual processing, and that the inclusion of color visuals increases our likelihood to read by 80%. Increasingly we communicate through images. Instagram has 400 million active monthly users, YouTube gets 4 billion video views a day! So our goal with the Illustrated Study Bible was to create a Bible that would speak to today’s visual generation.

So we asked ourselves, ‘what if we were to treat the illustrations, the visuals in a study Bible as more than just something to add to sales copy or to catch your eye?’ ‘What if the images included actually helped you understand what you were reading?’ Our answer was the ISB.

A study Bible is supposed to do more than convey information, it’s supposed to be a catalyst for life change, a tool to help us connect with God. We believe that the Illustrated Study Bible does just that.  To ensure that everyone experiencing the Illustrated Study Bible we are offering a free download of the Book of Acts,  including every verse, note, image and more, at  We’re confident that you will see the world of first century Rome and the expansion of the Church in a whole new way.   Celebrate with us! Kevin O’Brien, Bible Brand Manager, Tyndale House Publishers




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