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Bible News at the International Christian Retailing Show

This week is the primary trade convention for the Christian Booksellers Association. There are always great Bible events and news at the International Christian Retailing Show (ICRS) and this week is no exception.

  • Mark Taylor introduced the NLT Study Bible at the large Monday morning session. More to come on his talk later.
  • Maureen Girkins, president of Zondervan, announced Zondervan’s intention to help retailers sell download cards in retail stores that the customer can take home to download audio books and Bibles.
  • The Discover God Study Bible, NLT was announced the winner in the Bible category of the ECPA Christian Book Award Winners. The awards are determined based on ” content, literary quality, design and impact”.
  • Thomas Nelson’s Audio Bible “Word of Promise” won the ECPA “Book of the Year” award. This is the first time an audio book has won this award.
  • Tyndale is holding a booth event/kickoff for the NLT Study Bible. We received our first advance copies of the full NLT Study Bible just in time for ICRS! So we have had those at the event, as well as floor displays of the NLT Study Bibles, interactive touchscreen displays about the NLT Study Bible, and a trading pin game for retailers to participate in.
  • Attendees are writing notes, prayers, and encouragement on NLT Operation Worship Bibles–with a goal of sending 1,000 Bibles from the convention to U.S. troops worldwide.


  • Anniversaries: Oxford University Press announced the upcoming (2009) anniversary of the Scofield Reference Bible and Zondervan celebrated the 30th anniversary of the NIV.
  • Christianity Today, International will be making the NLT the default translation on their websites. More to come on this announcement later.
  • Enthusiastic retailer reaction to the NLT Study Bible: see NLT Study Bible General Editor Sean Harrison’s post about the NLT Study Bible at ICRS.

My friend Al Hsu at InterVarsity Press also blogged ICRS news and talks about the NLT and ESV Study Bibles releasing this fall.

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