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Bible Markers: Pentel 8-Color Pencil

The fourth (and final) review in the Bible Markers series.

Clear pen with eight retractable “lead” colors: yellow, orange, pink, red, brown, blue, light blue, green
(Refills also available)
Aids Understanding
Eight colors is plenty, more than I want, but I’m sure many people would use all of them. It’s helpful that dry highlighters can highlight, underline, and write. I like the tones of colors that were chosen for this pen. They go together well on a page.

I could see the marks from the reverse page, but there was no bleed-through. The red was the most visible. The see-through wasn’t strong enough to cause confusion about which page a mark was on.

Ease of Use
Writes pretty well. Does not require sharpening. It pulled at the pages a bit—made a slight wrinkle under some of the marks I made. The pencil format is inherently a little slower to use than a pen with faster-flowing ink. It’s nice that I would only have to carry around this one pen to have multiple colors with me. I tend to lose things like pens, so this is a big plus. The idea is great, but the implementation is somewhat lacking. I couldn’t get the pen to consistently give me the color I thought I was selecting. Though I’m sure this would decrease, I had to give my full attention to the pen for a second to get the color I needed, which is a distraction I don’t want during Bible study.

2 Responses to “Bible Markers: Pentel 8-Color Pencil”
1st April, 2010 at 7:53 am

I have to say the idea of having one pencil and 8 colors is very appealing. The fact that you provided pictures to further your illustration is a really great benefit as far as I am concerned because it shows the true bleed through effect (which is basically nothing) and allows for us readers to catch a glimpse of the real thing! Thanks for posting

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