The New Living Translation
Bible Markers: GTL Bible Underlining Kit

Four ball-point gel ink pens: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Black
Hard plastic Ruler/Bookmark with list of books of the Bible. One straightedge and one scalloped edge.
Plastic Carrying case

Aids Understanding
The pens can’t really be used as highlighters without risk of bleed-through. They are quite easy to see on the page, with the exception of the yellow which isn’t too bad, but a little harder. I like that there are four colors plus black, which I find a sufficient number for my marking system.

There was no bleed-through, but I could see the pink marks pretty clearly on the reverse side, which was a little distracting on that page. The other colors could only be seen through faintly. Photo: reverse side

Ease of Use
Writes very smoothly—the best of any I’ve reviewed here. Gel ink and ball-points both helped with this. The carrying case (or pocket protector, if you prefer) makes the pens easier to keep together than if there hadn’t been one. The ink can smudge pretty easily if it doesn’t dry for several seconds before turning the page or running your hand over it. Careful underliners will find it useful to have a straightedge. It’s unclear what the scalloped edge is for. Maybe for drawing some water on your Bible’s maps? 😉 Photos: smudge, water

2 Responses to “Bible Markers: GTL Bible Underlining Kit”
1st April, 2010 at 7:55 am

I have to admit I get a little nervous with gel pens… After some serious noting taking in a history class once It seemed like I had ink all over the place, perhaps it was a cheap one or something. You jsut dont want your bible ruined you know. Thanks for he insight and the great pictures showing us the detail.

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