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NLTinterlinear: Into the Open

This week Keith and I are at the ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) annual meeting. While here, we’ll be enjoying the buzz around Bible translations, listening to a few papers, talking about the NLT Study Bible and other NLT products, and showing off our latest digital Bible tools, including and About a year ago, […]

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King Alfred’s Approach to Translation

My eldest daughter is teaching herself Old English using this course hosted at the University of Calgary. In the process, she is learning some excellent things, not only about the history of England and of English, but also about translation. Saturday morning, for instance, she made a translation of a piece by King Alfred. Alfred, […]

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With all the energy that Keith Williams and others are putting into revitalizing the NLT Blog, I thought I ought to get on the stick and make some announcements of my own. Ever since finishing my work on the NLT Study Bible in 2008 and participating in the ensuing world promotional tour, I’ve gone back […]

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