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24/7 Chronological Bible

We recently released a new One Year chronological Bible that has the unique feature of including woodcut prints of historic christian art throughout the Bible, which we commissioned specifically for this project. There are 12 images–one for each month, featured in each reading for the month)

24/7 (in both hardcover and softcover) also has a unusual nearly-square shape, which allows space inside for single-column text with a generous outside margin, in which a verse has been highlighted for each day’s reading.

This is one of my favorite new releases of the year, as I really like the fresh, narrative reading of the Bible that the chronological format (and the NLT) gives and I love the historic christian symbols used in the text.

Here’s what some others thought of the various aspects of this Bible:


“The beautiful watermarks of twelve historic Christian symbols are what make this bible stand out from the rest. If you like art, these watermarks on each page will liven up your day. I really like the design because these classical pictorial watermarks add a unique flavour to each page for each day. For example, there’s the crown of thorns, the dove, the cup of the Last Supper, the basin and bowl, the lamb and the cross, the seven lampstands, plus more. There is a new symbol for each month.”
-Kevin Sam (New Epistles)

Timline in Introductory Material

“I’ve mentioned before that I’ve often had problems keeping track of varying time periods in the Bible, not the least of which is due to the canonical order not being chronological. These timelines along with the chronological layout of the Bible eliminates this problem.”
-Nick Norelli (Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth)


“The Bible is small and chunky: shaped a bit like a desktop calendar. It will pack easily into a briefcase or backpack, which for my lifestyle is very useful.”
-Eddie Arthur (Kouya Chronicle)

“The paperback version is relatively light and small and would be good for people on the go who want to read during lunch or on the bus. Please don’t read while driving.”
-Jeff (Scripture Zealot)

“This Bible does a good job being compact, but very readable.”
-Brent Kercheville (Christian Monthly Standard)

Verse Callouts

“Every reading has a “verse callout” in the margin. This is one particular verse that editors found to be an important key to the reading. I found this particularly useful, especially for memorizing scripture or for having a passage to meditate upon once your daily reading is completed.”
-Brent Kercheville

Dates Indicated in Daily Readings

“Dates are often included in the Bible as can be seen in the larger version of the picture above under Jehoshaphat Rules In Judah on the left page which is extremely helpful.”

Chronological format

“I believe chronological Bibles provide a wonderful opportunity for people to read the scriptures have see how the recorded events fit together. The prophets offer greater clarity when placed in their historical context. The book of Acts can have greater meaning when one is able to see what Paul was going through when he penned each of his letters.”
-Brent Kercheville

” Well, for those such as myself, who have problems with regimented reading, this Bible takes all the fuss out of it. A reading for every day of the year is clearly marked out and it leaves no room for excuses”
-Nick Norelli

You can try it out for yourself with this PDF of the first pages of 24/7.

Update: another endorsement for 24/7 as a fun book:

“To the writers of the NLT 24/7 Daily Readings in Sequential Time. I bought this One Year Chronological Bible and can”t wait to read it. I am far ahead of the day of the year where I am supposed to be reading. I can only describe this book as ‘A FUN BOOK TO READ’ and therefore I am reading it as I like and not just by the daily listing only. I have decided that if I want to read ahead I can use it as a regular bible to enjoy and need not worry about the day of the week or month of the year. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to whomever put this book together. I love reading it more than any bible I have ever tried to read and that is a long time since I am 82 years old. Please put a sticker on the front ‘A FUN BOOK TO READ THAT CAN BE READ BY THE DAY OR HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE.’ I love it.”

-Frances A. Day

2 Responses to “24/7 Chronological Bible”
Nelly Patino
30th May, 2018 at 12:46 pm

Do you have this Bible in a bigger print?
Do you have this Bible in Spanish?
Muchas gracias.

Evie Polsley
5th June, 2018 at 11:52 am

This is the One Year Chronological Bible that we have in Large Print.

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